Report Requests

EMS Reports

EMS reports are confidential and contain privileged information and are protected under the Federal HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws. The treated patient, or his/ her power of attorney or legal guardian, are the only people who can request a copy of the EMS Patient Care Report.

Please complete the form below. After the form is completed, please mail, email, fax, or drop off the form at the station.

Please contact the HIPAA Privacy Officer at the fire station during the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday at (740) 499-2545 if you have any questions or need to obtain a copy of an EMS Patient Care Report. You may also send an email to the HIPAA Compliance & Privacy Officer at:

How does an attorney's office obtain a copy of an EMS PCR or EMS Billing Statement for a client?

An attorney may request a copy of their client’s PCR. This request must be made in writing and must include the following information: incident date, incident location, approximate time of the incident, and the patient’s name.

A signed medical release form must be attached to the request letter unless a court- ordered subpoena is provided.

Attorney requests are to be mailed to:

Scioto Valley Fire District
ATTN: EMS Reports
100 N. Front St.
La Rue, OH 43332

Any attorney may also request a copy of the EMS Report or Billing Statement by contacting Medicount Management.


Phone: 888-410-6986

Fire Reports

Fire reports are considered public records by Ohio Law and may be requested by any individual. If you are requesting a copy of a fire report, you may request a report in person at the station located at 100 N. Front St. La Rue, OH 43332, or by one of the following means:

Scioto Valley Fire District
ATTN: Fire Reports
100 N. Front St.
La Rue, OH 43332
Phone: 740-499-2545

Report Costs

Scioto Valley Fire District charges a fee of $5.00 for both Fire Reports and EMS Reports.