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Annual Awards Ceremony

February 03, 2024

Last night members of the Scioto Valley Fire District and their guests gathered for our annual awards ceremony. This was the first awards ceremony that we have been able to have since the start of the pandemic and was well overdue. The purpose of the night is to recognize members for their dedicated years of service and other accomplishments. Chief Thomas presented a brief presentation on the history of our department and our department culture during the ceremony.
The following awards were presented:
Completion of Probation:
Members receive a custom helmet front that signifies the completion of their 1 year probation. The following members were presented this award:
Owen Collins- Not in Attendance
Seth Keller
Matt Kokas
Cam Thrasher
The following members are presented a custom plaque signifying their years of service.
5 Years of Service:
Zachary Murdock- Not in Attendance
Bethany Taylor
10 Years of Service:
Shaun Conley
15 Years of Service:
Jeff McCormick
20 Years of Service:
Lt. Tony Berry
Capt. Matt Purtee
The final award that was presented was for the 2023 Firefighter of the Year. This award was presented to a member of the department who is not a officer of the department and meets the following criteria:
1. Dedicated to working
2. Goes the extra mile to do things for the department when not asked.
3. Has a positive attitude.
4. Is a leader within the department.
The 2023 SVFD Firefighter of the Year is Shawn Clark.
We would like to send a huge thank you to Coonies Place Restaurant, Tavern, & Catering for catering the meal and Dry Lane Construction for allowing us to have the event in their building.

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